Shelah Waters, 1768-1860

Southern Roots and Branches

This is the story of my GGGGG grandparents, Shelah and Nancy Turner Waters.

Seventh among nine siblings, Shelah Waters was born July 8, 1768 in Charles County, Maryland – an area where his ancestors had lived for at least four generations.

Christened with the unusual biblical name, Shelah (usually pronounced “Shee-lee”), he would eventually become the namesake of numerous male descendants and their neighbors. There is no record as to the reason for his name, except that it was chosen from the Bible, as were the names of three of his brothers, Rezin, Asenath, and Enos.

Fifth among eleven children, Nancy Turner was born Oct. 12, 1770, also in Charles County, Maryland. Her ancestors had lived in the area for even longer than the Waters family, for Nancy’s GGG grandfather Arthur Turner had been among the earliest English settlers in Maryland.

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2 thoughts on “Shelah Waters, 1768-1860

  1. I would like to note that there were at least 3 Shelah Waters in succession. The 3rd served as a Major in the US Army during the American Civil War. His younger brother Thomas was also a Major in the same regiment (5th TN). Shelah’s cousin Lt. David Phillips served with distinction in the 7th TN with Gen. Robert E. Lee’s army ( Shelah and David were fraternity brothers in Phi Gamma Delta at Union University (then located in Murfreesboro, TN).


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