Pressure Washer Drowning

How to resuscitate a pressure washer:

Drownings happen in pools, but CPR is not the only required skill set for the pool police. One would consider an internal combustion engine (at full throttle) DOA after a total immersion in a body of water. Thanks to my friend Scott (Mike) Sefsik, there is a second life for my Honda 3000 PSI GVC.

Step 1: remove device from pool ASAP (it should have stopped running by now)

Step 2: turn off fuel line and drain fuel

Step 3: check oil for water and D&R if necessary

Step 4: cycle pull start severel times to force water out from the exhaust.

Step 5: remove spark plug and blow compressed air in the combustion chamber

Step 6: drain carburetor float tank

Step 7: remove carburetor and blow out with compressed air

Step 8: spray W-D 40 in combustion chamber

Step 9: cycle pull start severel times

Step 10: replace with new spark plug

Step 11: add fresh 100% gasoline (never use ethanol gas with small engines)


This pressure washer had been running for over 4 hours when it took the plunge. I had it out of the water (a total immersion) within 30 seconds, but assumed that the sudden temperature change would have cracked the cylinder head.

Got to love them Honda’s!

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