Pressure Washer Drowning

How to resuscitate a pressure washer:

Drownings happen in pools, but CPR is not the only required skill set for the pool police. One would consider an internal combustion engine (at full throttle) DOA after a total immersion in a body of water. Thanks to my friend Scott (Mike) Sefsik, there is a second life for my Honda 3000 PSI GVC.

Step 1: remove device from pool ASAP (it should have stopped running by now)

Step 2: turn off fuel line and drain fuel

Step 3: check oil for water and D&R if necessary

Step 4: cycle pull start severel times to force water out from the exhaust.

Step 5: remove spark plug and blow compressed air in the combustion chamber

Step 6: drain carburetor float tank

Step 7: remove carburetor and blow out with compressed air

Step 8: spray W-D 40 in combustion chamber

Step 9: cycle pull start severel times

Step 10: replace with new spark plug

Step 11: add fresh 100% gasoline (never use ethanol gas with small engines)


This pressure washer had been running for over 4 hours when it took the plunge. I had it out of the water (a total immersion) within 30 seconds, but assumed that the sudden temperature change would have cracked the cylinder head.

Got to love them Honda’s!

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A Saturday in July

One of the best guys I ever knew: #hillwood

I was really looking forward to seeing Jeff that Saturday night at Fred’s party. I hadn’t seen him in a while, but we stayed in touch.

Last week I signed a new account near Jackson: “I’ll check in with… I need to talk to you. I want to celebrate. I need your advice about a tech issue. I need to hear your contagious laughter.”

I remember talking with Vicki at Woodlawn. She started to tremble, trying to tell me…I stopped her. “Try to just get thru this part of the day. You are allowed to fall apart later.” I didn’t plan on that conversation. The words just came flying out of my mouth. I gave her my business card and a hug. I should have asked for her number in case she didn’t call me. Maybe she needed to fall apart right then and there? Who was I to say?

She didn’t reach out. Surely it couldn’t get any worse…find her. A personal issue distracted me. Before I knew it, another world quietly collapsed. I didn’t even know she was right down the street from me.

I still feel pain and loss. I can’t imagine how much amplification of that emotion feels like on the other end. Thanks for sharing. It’s important.