Charlton Ford Heritage

Southern Roots & Branches Restoration:

REHABILITATION of the Charlton Ford Cemetery in northern Rutherford County

February 27, 2016

Charlton Ford Rehabilitation Phase 1

Cousin Billy Pittard and I cleared about 1/4 of the site and 100% of our joint ancestor plots of the Peyton and Donnell line of the family. The oldest grave was from 1806 (Sally Smith). We are pulling up undergrowth by the rootball. This is a very laborious way to clear the land, but extremely effective in keeping it from repopulating.

One of the biggest treats of the day was discovering a large spring not far form the cemetery on Fall Creek. Another surprise was a fly-by an anonymous cousin! Speaking of anonymous, the cemetery is on private property, and although the law allows descendant access to cemeteries, its prudent to ask for permission. If you are a descendant, contact me for more information on the precise location and access points: Bob Henderson (615) 477-0737.

For more information check out Southern Roots & Branches by Billy Pittard.

See a virtual tour of the site in 3D here.

Raiders of the Lost Cemeteries: Cousins Bob and Billy

Please let us know if you can help us maintain these historic sites. We would very much appreciate the help.

Find-a-Grave Burials at Charlton Ford

Bob Henderson, Jr.

(615) 477-0737

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