Born in Nashville, I was educated at Hillwood High School and Belmont College (now University). Naval Flight Officer/Tactical Coordinator in the Orion P3-B (mod) and C-130 navigator in the Tennessee Air National Guard. Operation Provide Promise and Volant Oak. Marketing consultant and I.T. design and developer. Belmont University Alumni Board and Vanderbilt Kennedy Center Leadership Council. Past President of The Battle of Nashville Preservation Society and Metro Historical Commissioner.

I am a Certified Trusted Google Street View and Business View photographer. I shoot 360º Virtual Tours for Google Maps. I am a direct descendent of Captain Walter Scott Bearden, 41st Tennessee CSA and Private James Jarvis Maxwell, 4th Tennessee Cavalry U.S. | Uncle (G3) Lt. David Phillips 7th Tennessee CSA, Uncle (G3) John Bond Henderson, 4th Tennessee Cavalry CSA, and Great (G3) Cousin Major Shelah Waters 4th Tennessee Cavalry U.S

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  1. Hello – I just read your June, 2018 Google Maps review of the Camp Chase Confederate Cemetery in Columbus, Ohio. I have an ancestor buried there (John G. Deatherage, 8th Va Cav, grave #855) and was happy to hear that there is now a security detail present at the cemetery to guard against further desecration. I had just visited the cemetery less than two weeks before the vandals toppled the statue from the top of the memorial arch. It really makes me sick; it takes a lot of courage to sneak into a grave yard and dishonor the boys and young men who died 150 years ago.

    The cemetery is maintained by the National Cemetery Administration, Veterans Affairs and is overseen by the Dayton National Cemetery. I was wondering if you could tell if the security was being provided by Veterans Affairs or the local, city and county level, government?

    Thanks for posting your review and the 360 panoramas.


    • I forgot the name, but it was not a Parks or VA squad car I’m sure. It looked like a regular local police car to me. The guy had all the tactical gear most of them carry. He was not week-end warrior I’m sure.


    • I just read your post on the Waters home. I have known for years I have roots in Watertown going back to the Civil War, but I found out last month that I am related to Wilson Waters. Your post mentions a dream journal of Wilson’s and a Peabody student who did a thesis on it. Is there a way I can connect with that person to see their research and maybe the journal? Thanks!


      • I wish I knew. That was referenced from some materials at the Wilson County archives. I should have foot-noted it. If you find out, please let me know.


  2. Thank you for this site. Glad I discovered it. When I was young I used to hear my grandmother talk of a relative who started National Life, WSM and the GOO, but I never knew who it was. My grandmother’s maiden name was Mary Whiteside Hagar. Her mother’s (my great grandmother’s) maiden name was Margaret Whiteside Mitchell, daughter of Mary E. Whiteside who was a sister to the Margaret “Maggie” Whiteside who married Walter S. Bearden. My mother and my great grandmother were named after Margaret Whiteside Bearden. As for Walter S. Bearden, what a fascinating hero.

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  3. Margaret “Maggie” Whiteside is my maternal great-great grandmother. Her son Walter Scott Bearden, Jr. was one of National Life’s founders. I think his father Sr. dabbled in it a bit too.


  4. I entered Navy AOCS in class 37-82, Battalion I Staff Sargeant Wilkerson. This was less than six weeks after the drowning incident. The swim requirements were changed for drown proofing before I arrived (06 August 1982). had seen an Officer and a Gentleman and knew that things could be worse. I was demoted to class 39-82 (Staff Sargeant Kerr) for swim hold. I was demoted a third time for low scores in aerodynamics and navigation (two of the big three). I remember Gunnery Sargeant Campos and Gunnery Sargeant Wendt. I washed out after G-Company. I even boxed in the smoker, but I lost to a well-conditioned 10th week candidate. Nevertheless, the AOC experience haunted me insofar that I had never failed in school. The movie, “The Right Stuff” showed me what the navigation instructor told me. I spent too much time think about the correct responses. Reaction and evaluation outpaces intelligence. The instructor told me, “You will not have time to think with a missile on your tail.” I returned to civilian life and went back to school for a second masters degree and a Ph.D. with an emphasis in neuroscience. I have no regrets.


    • Thanks for sharing. I had a series of failures too. Changing my answers on aero almost busted me out, but somehow got them to keep me. All it took was one bad day.


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